Balance in life makes the challenges and obstacles we face every day more tolerable. Balance comes from being true to yourself and cultivating a nourishing environment where individuals can thrive. We feel that a more measured approach to life can produce more favorable results.

Stress is a risk that can cause harm to every organ in the body consequently weakening the immune system; making the body susceptible to infections, colds, ulcers, acid reflux, high blood pressure, anxiety, heart palpitations, panic attacks, suicide, backaches, headaches, sleep problems, bad skin conditions and cancer.

​Our philosophy, more balance helps alleviate stress and greatly contributes to a better quality of life. Balance Due the Seattle based nonprofit public charity created for those that seek an improved life.

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We are living in a time when people are more enthralled by their mobile devices than actual human beings. People speak less to each other, when you walk by someone, their face is usually buried into their phones; texting, surfing or taking pictures. Social media carries more weight than ever and we are enjoying the use.

But sometimes we miss the contact with real people. It’s much better meeting people under more natural circumstances  there's nothing like capturing the unique essence of actually seeing a person and talking in real life. Vision yourself arriving at a special place? Imagine a peaceful atmosphere, no annoyances, stress free colorful environment with mood music and presentations delivered like a smooth conversation.  HENCEFORTH BALANCE DUE.

We exist to create a better quality of life. 

                          We are a Veteran owned Non profit public charity.

                     All proceeds from our donations go toward future events.


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Through storytelling we want to redirect how people react to stress by presenting alternative methods taping into real life situations with the power of real talk, visuals and music. We feel what we have to offer can’t wait. According to the American Psychological Association’s most recent stress survey, 66 percent of people regularly experience physical symptoms of stress, and 63 percent experience psychological symptoms. We desperately want to reach the people before the wakeup call comes; the one that so many people face on a regular basis, staring mortality directly in the face when a health crisis occurs. Lastly, we feel all nationalities and cultures can utilize our services. Balance Due reflects diverse point of views that are worldwide.
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Word of mouth; the more people you tell, the more help we can receive.

We believe that sharing stories of redemption in an amusing way will encourage others who seek self improvement to mimic those same transformed behaviors.

Stress in life is inevitable but how we react to stress now thats the story.
We focus on successful strategies; learning from the experience of others with the message, all things are possible with a plan, strategy and goals


It’s a scientific fact that music instigates a very strong emotion, your brain continuously compares the information that comes in through your eyes with what it expects based on what you know about the world the result of the comparison process is what we eventually experience as reality.

Our outreach programs are presented in EVENTS and SEMINAR formats. Our goal is to uplift, inspire and reduce stress by creating presentations and events that stimulate thoughts in a fresh and unique way. We try to present alternative processes in context to the material giving maximum impact to the message. We have deduced listening to happy or sad music changes the way we perceive the world. Music and our dispositions are inherently linked, research suggest that the brain builds up expectations not just based on experience but on your mood as well. People use music all the time to stay optimistic even in the mist of Parel. We use the music to create a targeted mindset.
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​​​Our programs and events inspire vision,

knowledge and goals

resulting in a more

Balanced Lifestyle.

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